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Krueger is a business that started with family and has truly grown with friends. We’ve grown not simply because of our quality of work but because the only thing more important than our work is our attention to our customers. In what used to be a small town, Krueger still holds on to the small town values of service.

The market in Springfield is huge and demanding. If we felt we were no more unique than what is already offered to you we would have never opened our doors. However, we believe we are different. Our company has grown more by referrals than by sales. It says something about who we are.

We Do More Than The Typical… Whether you’re looking for simply replacing your furnace or your air conditioner or you’re wanting to add on and create the most efficient, money-saving system, we offer it all.

Are you looking to replace an existing system?

When you want to replace your existing system, Krueger does not merely come into your home and give you a quote to remove what is already there and then install an identical system. This is your opportunity to have what you want and what you need!

  • How much are you spending on utilities?
  • Do you have allergy problems?
  • Is your home too humid or too dry?
  • Do you have any rooms that are too hot or too cold?
  • Do you plan on adding on?
  • Is your system now noisy?

These are simply a few of the creature comforts you can change when you change your system! Why limit yourself to what you already have?

Are you building a new home?

When you’re building your new home, whether it be your first home or your long time dream house, you have options. You don’t have to settle with what system your builder offers, it’s your home, your writing the check, have what you want.

Would you like to heat and cool your home for $195.00 a year? (see geothermal)

Would you like to control the humidity?

Do you want the furnace right by the baby’s room?

Do you want the air conditioner right by your bedroom window?

These are decisions you should be making, these are questions you should be asked.

Whether building or replacing a system, the customer should always have the decision in what they are given and more importantly, they deserve to know everything they can have. Krueger will spend the time finding out what exactly you need and exactly you want. Not merely to heat and cool your home, but to make your home comfortable.

  • Heating
  • Geo-Thermal
  • Air-Conditioning/Heat Pump
  • Water Heaters
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Maintenance

“You’ve Never Been This Comfortable…”


We do more than the typical… Many people believe residential systems are very basic, the homeowner doesn’t have many options. Today, that’s not necessarily true. The homeowner can choose how efficient they want their systems, how well they can control humidity, temperature. The choices are unlimited.

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