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Air Handlers in Springfield are a Good Alternative to Energy-Guzzling AC Units

The air handler is a major component of most HVAC systems in the Springfield area. It takes the cool air produced by the AC unit, or the hot air produced by a hot water coil or electric strip heaters, and distributes it throughout your home. To keep you comfortable in the dead of summer, this system must operate at a steady pace without interruption. But, like all mechanical equipment, air handlers can break down without warning, especially after thousands of hours of operation.

When that happens, people in your area rely on Krueger’s HVAC experts to get the cold air blowing again. Whether the solution is installing a whole new unit or a minor repair, our staff can handle it. To schedule air handler service in Nixa or Springfield give (417) 883-6395 a call. To learn more about how we can help and the uses of air handlers, keep reading.

Need a quote on air handler installation? Call (417) 883-6395 now to get service scheduled. Financing is available!

What Is an Air Handler?

You probably know what an air conditioner is; most people in Springfield do. Air handlers, however, aren’t as well known. As mentioned briefly, air handlers are separate pieces of HVAC equipment responsible for pushing air throughout your ventilation system. They are usually indoors and can be used in both heating and cooling applications. Though you’ll hear people refer to them as “blowers,” the two are not one and the same. The blower is actually just one part of the air handler. Other components include the dampers, mixing chambers, controls, and air filter. These things work with the blower (a.k.a fan) to treat and disperse the air.

What Differentiates Air Handlers from Traditional Air Conditioners

A lot of people aren’t sure what separates an air handler from an air conditioner. We’ve had more than one customer ask why it is they need both. The important thing to remember is that air handlers themselves can’t change the temperature of air. They instead serve the same purpose as a fan, just shifting air from one place to another. In HVAC systems with another form of propulsion—like the blower motor on a furnace—air handlers are necessary to distribute your treated air.

The best way to verify whether or not your system would benefit from an air handler is to reach out to us at (417) 883-6395.

Signs of an Air Handler in Trouble

Though simpler than a standard air conditioner, air handlers still have plenty of break points. If you see or experience any of the following, it’s time to give Krueger Heating Air Conditioning Geothermal a call:

  1. Strange noises from the fan
  2. A sudden loss of HVAC air pressure
  3. Condensate pan leaks
  4. Clogged or dirty air handler filter
  5. A non-functional blower

Air Handler Services in the Springfield Area

Air Handler Repair

The air handler is put under a lot of stress when it comes to keeping you comfortable. If you notice a sudden drop in HVAC pressure, it’s a good sign you may need an air handler repair. Rest assured, whether you need a fan cleaned or a limit switch replaced, Krueger Heating Air Conditioning Geothermal can handle it.

Air Handler Replacement

Like all things, air handlers don’t last forever. Once your unit reaches double digits, replacing it is often the more economical option. Newer air handlers boast smart features and are often more efficient than older ones. Call (417) 883-6395 to get a quote on a new air handler in Springfield or Nixa.

Air Handler Maintenance

During your annual HVAC maintenance call, our expert will take a look at your air handler. They’ll test the electrical connections, clean the unit, and lubricate the blades. This will allow your air handler to operate at peak efficiency all season long. To join our Springfield-area HVAC maintenance club, give (417) 883-6395 a call.

Call Us for Professional Air Handler Service in Springfield

Looking for air handler repair? Want more information about the benefits of air handler maintenance? Then, we invite you to reach out to us at (417) 883-6395 or by filling out our online schedule form. Our HVAC company as been proudly handling the heating, AC, and air quality needs of the greater Springfield area since 2003.

Our HVAC specialists will work diligently to ensure your home stays comfortable no matter what the weather’s like outside. We are familiar and experienced with all popular air handler brands. Rest assured, when you come to us for service, that we always put your satisfaction first. To verify this for yourself, check out our Google reviews.

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